ЗаголовокSexy Fingers
Кампания Sexy Fingers
Рекламодатель Aides
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации 2011 / 7
Бизнес сектор Институциональные/общественного интереса/некоммерческие организации
Слоган Sexy Fingers
философия The french organization AIDES and JWT Paris launches SEXY FINGERS.
The new AIDES campaign, all about rhythm and technicolor is acting as a decisive argument for an important matter: Rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes or less). Full of colors, energy, and originality, the message is simple: one finger is enough to play, but also to get tested for HIV.
The campaign includes a website (www.sexyfingers.org), a clip (www.youtube.com/aides) and of course an Android application to play with (https://market.android.com/details?id=anonymous.aides).
AIDESAIDES was set up in 1984 and was state-approved in 1990. It is the leading HIV/Aids organization in France. Since the beginning, the objective of the organization has been to reach people infected and / or affected by Aids in order to organize themselves and cope with this new disease.
Тип медиа Digital
Звуковая дорожка Flairs
Больше информации www.sexyfingers.org
Интерактивная разработка
Музыка, радио и звуковой дизайн
Продюсер исполнительного агентства
Исполнительный креативный директор

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