Nathy Aviram
Agency Producer at TBWA
New York, United States
ЗаголовокThe team that wouldn't be here
Заголовок (оригинальный язык)Aj mccarron
Кампания The team that wouldn't be here
Рекламодатель Verizon
Бренд Verizon
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Общественная безопасность, здоровье и гигиена
История Every year, the end of the NFL season follows the same script. Two teams compete on the field while hundreds of brands compete off it. Verizon rewrote the playbook by introducing a third team — The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here — a new NFL team of 11 current NFL players and a coach who wouldn’t be alive if first responders hadn’t received their emergency call. Our team had survived tornadoes, car accidents and childhood tragedies and gone on to become elite athletes because their calls for help were answered. Their raw and emotional stories of survival became a 12-part film series and half-hour documentary that launched on national TV and instantly took over football conversations around the country — when America was only meant to be talking about the two Super Bowl teams, for the first time, a third team was on everyone’s mind.
Тип медиа Digital
Аудио послепроизводственный этап
Актер / Знаменитость
Директор по маркетингу (CMO)
VP Creative Marketing
Главный креативный директор
Director, Creative Marketing
Manager, Broadcast Production
Regional Chief Creative Officer
Главный креативный директор
Главный креативный директор
Global Executive Creative Director
Global Executive Creative Director
SVP Executive Producer
Креативный директор
Креативный директор
Senior Art Director
Директор по дизайну
Chief Production Officer
SVP Executive Producer
SVP Executive Producer
Executive Strategy Director
Executive Music Producer
Executive Account Director
Executive Account Director
Продакшн Студия
Редакционная компания

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