Sebastian Tarazaga
Исполнительный креативный директор at Wunderman Thompson
Buenos Aires, Argentina
ЗаголовокHIV on the Agenda
Кампания HIV G20
Рекламодатель Fundacion Huésped
Бренд Fundacion Huésped
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Институциональные/общественного интереса/некоммерческие организации
философия Wunderman Buenos Aires and the Fundación Huésped conducted a campaign to draw the attention of the leaders of the 20 most influential states in the world who visited Buenos Aires on December 1, when World AIDS Day was also commemorated. Thanks to an original campaign designed by Wunderman Buenos Aires for Fundación Huésped for International AIDS Day, HIV (which was not on the agenda to be discussed) was included in the declaration prepared by the G20 leaders, for the first time in the history of the encounter. Wunderman and Guest made a large-scale interactive installation on the esplanade of the Technological Science Pole composed of the flags of the countries that make up the G20, which, by means of a programming system, went up and down representing the statistics of each nation in relation to the HIV In addition to the installation, an interactive infographic was designed in which the flags of each country were transformed into bar charts, animated in 3 dimensions, so that all those interested could see and share the information on social networks from the site www.vihenagenda. com.
Тип медиа Окружающий
Генеральный креативный директор
Генеральный креативный директор
Creative Director
Head of Art
Agency Producer
Director of Technology
Старший руководитель по технологии
Project Manager
Developer Web & Mobile
QA Analyst
General Account Director
Account Group Director
Account Director
Руководитель группы по связям с рекламодателями
Customer Representative
Customer Representative

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