Mark Sinnock
Global Chief Strategy Officer at Havas Creative Group
London, United Kingdom
ЗаголовокLong Live The Local
Кампания Long Live the Local
Рекламодатель Britain’s Beer Alliance
Бренд Britain’s Beer Alliance
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Пиво, сидр, лагерное пиво
Слоган Long Live the Local
История ‘Long Live the Local’ is the start of a three-year, multi-million-pound campaign to save ‘the local’ - stopping closures and prevent the planned rise in beer tax, simply by putting pressure on the Chancellor himself.

Long Live the Local is an idea that celebrates the life and vitality, and the role that the local pub plays. One that doubles up as a call-to-action and a celebratory toast to everything the pub represents. It is a grassrooted and top down approach to campaigning. It engages the heart to drive action and affect positive change. Giving small businesses a platform to celebrate their contribution to communities, culture and society-at-large. Stopping closures and preventing the planned rise.
Beer Tax was set to rise by 3.4% in Autumn 2018 Budget, and then every year for the foreseeable future. A rise that posed a serious threat to Britain’s Beer Alliance (BBA) and its 120 members, including founding global brewers AB InBev, Carlsberg, Heineken and Molson Coors.

Our challenge was simple – reverse the increase in beer duty by persuading the Chancellor Philip Hammond to cut it – with key KPI’s to maximise petition signatures and the number of emails constituents send to MPs.

In order to convince Philip Hammond and other MPs that any rise in beer duty will be an incredibly unpopular decision, we had to create national groundswell. Previous arguments about taxation has failed, so it was time to take a different strategy.
Pubs have been a constant in British life for generations and are now one of the few remaining truly open public spaces. They have been at the heart of our communities since they first opened their doors. Our own research conducted by YouGov revealed 78% of Brits think pubs are an important part of the local community.

It was apparent from this research that we needed to create a campaign and movement that would engage the heart, the head and the hand - a campaign that made people feel, provided the ammunition to justify the cause and made it easy for them to act. The architecture of a modern movement.
Our huge campaign amassed 115,000 petition signatures, 47,000 letters sent to all 650 UK MPs and the support of influential industry organisations including CAMRA. The result? We changed Government policy in a matter of months.

How many agencies can say that?
Тип медиа Упаковка, брендинг и дизайн
Public Relations Agency
Аудио послепроизводственный этап
Продакшн Студия
Медиа-агентство Havas Media Group UK
Послепроизводственный этап
Influencer marketing
Исполнительный креативный директор
Продюсер агентства
Главный исполнительный директор (CEO)
Управляющий партнер
Продюсер агентства
Директор рабочей группы клиента
Продюсер вспомогательного агентства
Original Soundtrack
Program Director
Marketing Lead
Специалист по работе с заказчиками
Начальник планирования
Коммерческий директор
Директор рабочей группы клиента
Специалист по работе с заказчиками
Исполнительный продюсер
Web Production
Print Production Company
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