Maja Bredberg
Креативная команда at Happy Forsman & Bodenfors
Göteborg, Sweden
Кампания Changes
Рекламодатель Procter & Gamble
Бренд Herbal Essences
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Косметика, товары для красоты и парфюмерия
История (оригинальный язык) Change is a natural part of life that can take many forms and emotions: from scary to invigorating, tough to empowering. But when people go through change, they often grow, and can start to see the everyday in new ways. Herbal Essences – a brand that is no stranger to change itself – is encouraging women to embrace change in their life – big or small – as a way to live more fully and let life in.

Inspired by the stories of real women, Herbal Essences is celebrating different aspects of change, and how change manifests in women’s individual choices to change their hair. In an intimate and heartwarming short documentary film, four women share their backgrounds, their motivations for making a choice to change, and how the outcome of their choice ultimately made them feel more alive.

Herbal Essences is also inviting women to contribute their own stories of change, from that memorable haircut to a major life event, beginning with its network of influencers to help further the dialogue. Women who want to participate can join the conversation using #LetLifeIn and #EmbraceChange, which embody the spirit of the campaign. “We all have stories of personal change that have impacted us,” says Voyten, “But the most eye-opening part of change is not only what led you to the choice, but the self- discovery that lies on the other side - and the confidence you build to embrace future changes and growth.”
философия (оригинальный язык) To further define the power of change, Herbal Essences conducted an international survey of women ages 18 – 35 which revealed that the majority of American (87%) and British (80%) women have made significant changes to their appearance after a big life change, and that one-third of women (US: 33%, UK: 36%) believe it would be hard to change their lifestyle without also changing their hair.
Результат (оригинальный язык) Survey results also unearthed the following feelings about change and the positive impact it can have on one’s outlook on life:
• 9 in 10 women (US: 90%, UK: 92%) who have made a change in the past 12 months say their change had a positive impact on their life
• 3 in 4 (US: 76%, UK: 74%) women who have made changes in the past 12 months note that changing how they look has made it easier to make other changes in their life
• The majority of women in the US (89%) and UK (92%) feel fear of change is worse than change itself
Тип медиа Веб-фильм
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Креативная команда
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Продакшн Студия
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Activation Strategy

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