Ida Persson
Стратег at Goodby Silverstein & Partners
San Francisco, United States
ЗаголовокBillboards Beyond Borders (1mn34s)
BriefJournalists around the world are silenced by controlling governments and leaders for controversial stories and tweets. Reporters without Borders Sweden launched a global outdoor campaign to republish these headlines and take a stand against censorship. “Being Gay is Normal” can be seen on billboards in bold block letters in the streets of repressed countries. How? Billboards Beyond broke new ground by using a loophole in Google Street View to create a new type of impactful advertising.
Кампания Billboards Beyond Borders
Рекламодатель Reporters Without Borders
Бренд Reporters Without Borders
PostedНоябрь 2018
Бизнес сектор Права человека
История Reporters Without Borders is an international non-profit that conducts political advocacy on issues relating to freedom of information and freedom of the press.Reporters Without Borders has two primary spheres of activity: one is focused on Internet censorship and the new media, and the other on providing material, financial and psychological assistance to journalists assigned to dangerous areas.
История (оригинальный язык) 2017 was a dark year for journalism, with 65 reporters killed and 326 held in jail. Oppressive governments create a dangerous environment for journalists and suppress freedom of information.The campaign Billboards Beyond Borders broke new ground by using a “loophole” in Google Street View to create a new type of impactful advertising, never done before. We replaced existing messages on big billboards in countries where freedom of speech is under threat, with real quotes from journalists that had been censored or silenced.After 72 hours, what we were anticipating happened - Google took down the campaign for violating Google Maps policy, helping us create a second wave of PR.By rethinking digital advertising and repurposing Google Maps, we made a global statement on a zero media budget, and opened up new possibilities for marketing in a world where the line between physical and digital is increasingly blurred.All in all, Billboards Beyond Borders achieved an earned media reach of 100 000 000 people globally. On average, every billboard had over 130.000 visits. Using nothing more than the right message in the right place, we had put the fight for freedom of speech on the map.
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