Advertising's Breath of Fresh Air: Humor + Creativity

The advertising industry is embracing the power of comedic relief for marketing creativity

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Screenshot from Ogilvy NY's CeraVe Super Bowl spot

Humor is no stranger to advertising, and with the recent addition of a Humor category for the first time at Cannes this year, it’s time to take note of its importance in ad land. This month, we are taking a deep dive look at humor in advertising and showcasing campaigns that are sure to put a smile on your face!


LOLA MullenLowe + Magnum

LOLA MullenLowe
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Madrid, Spain
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This hilarious campaign from LOLA MullenLowe for Magnum ice cream bars tells the story of a woman who discovers that her partner has been buying fake Magnum ice creams all along. The brand utilizes humor to showcase why Magnum are the only ice cream bars that taste “like Magnum”, and not the imitations.

“The Fraud” LOLA MullenLowe | Magnum

Ogilvy New York + CeraVe

Ogilvy New York
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New York, United States
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Ogilvy and CeraVe genius multipronged Super Bowl campaign with Michael Cera combined humor, social media, and ‘controversary’ to show why CeraVe is the super moisturizer. Noting a funny similarity between the actor’s surname and the brand, Michael Cera took to the streets of New York to hand out bottle of what he claimed to be his skincare brand, CeraVe. The rumor went viral on social media, leading the dermatologists actually behind CeraVe to issue a statement claiming the actor had no real affiliations with the brand.

The accompanying Super Bowl spot then sheds light on the whole comical debacle, revealing that the stunt was part of the campaign all along. The prank-like campaign seamlessly weaves together earned media, social, and celebrity influence with humor for a highly successful Super Bowl debut for CeraVe.

“Michael Cera-CeraVe” Ogilvy NY | CeraVe

Arnold + ADP

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Boston, United States
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In December, ADP debuted its creative collaboration with Arnold Worldwide, a Havas Creative Group Company, to help business decision makers rethink how to adapt to change. The humorous campaign aims to drive awareness and highlight ADP’s pivotal role as an innovative leader in providing confidence in the ever-evolving world of work. Could you imagine a world where an extra hour a day brings about rising solar stocks, extended lunch breaks, or company-wide power naps?

“The 25th Hour” Arnold Worldwide | ADP


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Nashville, United States
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BUNTIN’s latest campaign for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board shows how asking the right questions can greatly impact one’s future – especially when it comes to finances. Following the success of BUNTIN’s widely successful first campaign for the CFP Board, the agency uses a comically uncomfortable situation to highlight the importance of doing your due diligence when choosing a financial advisor.

“Surgery” BUNTIN | CFP

T&Pm + Argos

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Argos have recently released a new campaign starring their iconic brand mascots, Connie and Trevor. Set to the iconic track ‘Battle Without Honor Or Humanity' from Kill Bill, the spot follows a mystery chef (Trevor) creating a masterpiece, inspired by the kitchen equipment Argos puts at his disposal. The campaign builds on Argos’s brand platform - ‘There’s More To Argos’ – that highlights the range of unexpected and desirable products the retailer offers.

“Argos Spring” T&Pm | Argos

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