ЗаголовокWIings to Fly
Кампания Equity Wings to fly
Рекламодатель Equity Bank Kenya LTD
Бренд Equity Bank
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Банки, финансы, законодательство и страхование
Слоган #WingstoFly
История In 2003, The Government of Kenya introduced Free Primary education. This saw high enrolment into Primary School. However, upon completion, many of these students were unable to afford to transition into secondary school.

Equity Bank - a Kenyan brand that strongly believes that the youth are our countries wealth and its future, attempted to solve this problem by developing a model program; ‘Wings to Fly’.

By supporting the secondary education of top performing children from financially challenged backgrounds across Kenya’s 47 counties, Equity invested in the potential of Kenya’s youth and the future leaders of the country.
философия Built at grass-roots, for the grass-roots
We initiated a nation-wide exercise to identify the brightest students from under-privileged communities, at a grass-root level. To do this, we mobilised community leaders who engage with them on a regular basis. Some of these are communities with poor internet access, even electricity being a challenge

on occasions. So we wrote physical letters and memos to local chiefs, religious leaders and government representatives in all 47 counties of Kenya seeking their advice on the most common challenges faced by kids they knew.

Taking their inputs into consideration, we designed #WingsToFly
A scholarship program for deserving kids from underprivileged background that identifies them during their primary education years and supports them through their journey to complete
Проблема For many children upon completion of primary school, things start going south. At a still-formative age of 12, thousands of kids come face-to- face with a harsh reality of life. Given the high poverty rate in Kenya, many of her brightest students are unable to afford their secondary school tuition fee and drop out.

They end up staying at home or end up in odd-jobs. Every year in our country, bright futures are lost, even before they get a chance to start. This drop-off point turns, what could-have-been a cyber-security engineer, into a security guard for life. Their wings are cut short, just as they were learning to fly.

Результат #WingsToFly has built a community of 17,304 scholars who received our scholarships as of 2020.
Тип медиа Связи с общественностью
Больше информации https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZAH0J4tGu8

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