Познакомьтесь с руководителями наиболее влиятельных агентств, творческими людьми и инновационными производственными компаниями на Международном фестивале творчества. "Каннские львы"

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Red Carpet 27 July 2017

Mark Tungate talked to the newly named Partners and CCO of Serviceplan France (D. Guerassimov and F. Teichner) during the latest Cannes Lions. Читать больше

Red Carpet 18 July 2017

Sander Volten talks about the merging between Kingsday and 180 Amsterdam which was announced shortly before the Cannes Lions 2017 Читать больше

Red Carpet 10 July 2017

Pancho González talks to Mark Tungate about the three elements that make up the name of his agency in Chile. Читать больше

Red Carpet 5 July 2017

What can advertising do to help the UN save the world? Mark Tungate asks Maher Nasser, the man who knows. Читать больше

Studio 4 July 2017

Wybe Sallows, Strategy Director at CODE D’AZUR answers our questions during the Cannes Lions 2017 Читать больше

Red Carpet 4 July 2017

Mélanie Pennec, Art Director at DDB Paris and jury member during the Cannes Lions 2017 was interviewed during the Cannes Lions 2017 Читать больше

Red Carpet 3 July 2017

Frederic Bonn, Executive Creative Director of iCrossing New York talks about the agency, his career and about the French touch during the Cannes... Читать больше

Red Carpet 3 July 2017

We recently had a chance to talk Cannes and creativity with Mark Whelan, Group Chief Creative Officer, Havas UK. Our editorial director Mark... Читать больше

Red Carpet 3 July 2017

Mark Tungate chats to Ari Weiss about continuing the legacy of legendary DDB founder Bill Bernbach. Читать больше

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