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McDonald’s picks Leo Burnett London to handle global sports sponsorship activity
McDonald’s has appointed Leo Burnett London to amplify its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup across global markets. Читать больше


  • An exhibition in Paris devoted to the legendary fashion designer touches on his marketing genius. We look at the elements that built his brand.
    Mark Tungate
    кем Mark Tungate на 17 August 2017
  • 4 milliards de passagers transportés par avion en 2017 : une manne et un challenge en terme de communication pour les compagnies aériennes.
    Maud Largeaud
    кем Maud Largeaud на 11 August 2017
  • A summary of newsworthy client/agency relationship developments and relevant marketing or agency management trends from the past month.
    на 27 July 2017
  • How adding real-time feedback to annual agency evaluations reduces undesirable surprises and boosts long-term client/agency performance
    на 27 July 2017
  • London's Unbound festival offered a glimpse of new startups, from sensory pods to subscription jewelry.
    на 26 July 2017

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