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Headline Makers 22 March 2018

Booking.com’s marcomms lead Diana Agudelo Hernandez has made the world her home. Now she’s encouraging others to do the same. Читать больше

Exclusive 22 March 2018

"There’s been a shift from women in power being outliers, to women in power becoming a real collective force." Читать больше

Exclusive 22 March 2018

"This has been an amazing year in this area and monumental changes are happening because women have come together, supported one another, have... Читать больше

Exclusive 20 March 2018

"This shouldn’t turn into ‘women versus men’ – only by working together can we create more opportunities for women" Читать больше

Exclusive 20 March 2018

"As we begin to see more diversity at the higher levels, we also see representation in the work itself." Читать больше

Exclusive 20 March 2018

"As a working woman with a family, I feel that more respect and support of a woman's role in her family would help a lot" Читать больше

Exclusive 20 March 2018

"We still have a lot of work to do to give more women a leadership voice in this industry" Читать больше

Exclusive 19 March 2018

"Advertising is so closely tied to current culture, reflecting it and shaping it." Читать больше

13 March 2018

Interview with Director duo Wilkins & Maguire of Stink Films Читать больше

9 March 2018

Interview with Maria Hagiwara, Managing Partner & EP at Hideoki Productions in New York Читать больше