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India Fizer
кем India Fizer on 28 November 2023
Inequality in healthcare and personalized health services for marginalized groups is a prevalent issue that many agencies have been trying to tackle. We are taking a look at campaigns and initiatives that open the conversation for DEI in healthcare advertising. Читать больше

Mark Tungate
кем Mark Tungate on 15 November 2023
Whether they’re referred to as “teens” or Generation Z, their world can seem opaque to brands, whose efforts to reach them sometimes fall wide of the mark. BETC Fullsix delved into Gen Z’s attitudes and media consumption. Here are ten points we found compelling. Читать больше

Mark Tungate
кем Mark Tungate on 14 November 2023
Screens are an easy diversion. Our smartphones sit beside us throughout the day: at work, at mealtimes, in the evening. Picking up a book or visiting a museum feels increasingly like an effort. But bookstores, libraries and cultural institutions are fighting back – often, ironically, using digital media. Читать больше

Mark Tungate
кем Mark Tungate on 23 October 2023
Eurostar has been whisking passengers under the Channel (or as the French call it, “La Manche”) since 1994. Now it's in renewal mode, with a refreshed brand identity and a lyrical advertising campaign.  Читать больше

Mark Tungate
кем Mark Tungate on 11 October 2023
As a season, autumn has its fans, particularly if they get a kick out of Halloween. The annual fright fest is a favourite with brands, which is hardly surprising: in the US alone, last year consumers spent 3.1 billion dollars on candy during the Halloween period... Читать больше

Philippe Paget
кем Philippe Paget on 12 September 2023
While rugby can’t equal the global popularity of football (or “soccer”, if you’re reading in the US), the Rugby World Cup remains a valuable property.  Читать больше

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