ЗаголовокThe Cowboy
Кампания New Frontiers
Рекламодатель Tecovas
Бренд Tecovas

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We exist because the industry needed/needs a better way as brands’ require ever larger quantities of quality content.
To that end, we are simplifiers of the complex, articulators of the hard to explain, and messengers of the true value of you. We articulate your brand in a way your customers appreciate. And appreciation, to us, should always be a tangible thing; perception, engagement, traffic, sales, and advocacy are what matter.
Our tagline is Make Things Better. Ultimately what that means is a better customer experience for both you and, more importantly, for your customer. It’s tough out there, especially in your particular industry, but we are ready for you. 

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iFly: Choose to Fly by Greatest Common Factory

A new campaign for iFly repositions the pioneer of indoor flying from a bucket list experience to a destination to visit to fly, or bodyflight. Themed 'Choose to Fly,' the advertising from Greatest Common Factory (GCF) emphasizes excitement and fun for adults and kids alike, rather than the engineering marvel that enables the activity. In just three weeks, the campaign has boosted iFly site traffic by 89% and sales by 50%.

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