Кампания Hummingbird
Рекламодатель Britvic Soft Drinks Limited
Бренд Purdey's

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PostedМарт 2021
Бизнес секторТолько для подписчиков
Тип медиа Телевидение
Продакшн Студия
Послепроизводственный этап
Директор M...ay B...er Только для подписчиков
Креативный директор t..y h...or Только для подписчиков
Креативный директор ..n C...in Только для подписчиков
Креативная команда D....ic V....io Только для подписчиков
Креативная команда ..m L....ry Только для подписчиков
Продюсер агентства G....ia T..i Только для подписчиков
Директор рабочей группы клиента Jo....an C...en Только для подписчиков
Делопроизводитель S...ie S...t Только для подписчиков
Коммерческие дела .d M....ll Только для подписчиков
Senior Planner Ch.....te M...s Только для подписчиков
Продюсер E..a C..k Только для подписчиков
Менеджер по рекламе S...ie K...er Только для подписчиков
Менеджер по рекламе D...d L....er Только для подписчиков
Колорист S....an P...y Только для подписчиков
Head of 3D A...d Gh....ph Только для подписчиков
3D Lead ..z W...ht Только для подписчиков
Head of 2D S....ne J...u Только для подписчиков
VFX Supervisor J...s J...ud Только для подписчиков
CG Modelling M..y D...e Только для подписчиков
CG Modelling O..r J...n Только для подписчиков
CG Modelling S...re U...im Только для подписчиков
Texture Artist M...ie P...s Только для подписчиков
Снаряжение A...ew B...er Только для подписчиков
R&D P....ip C...d Только для подписчиков
FX ..m W...s Только для подписчиков
FX D...n Br.....ry M...e Только для подписчиков
FX Ba....te ..y Только для подписчиков
FX C...an K....uz Только для подписчиков
Lighting J...in L..g Только для подписчиков
Lighting J..l B..t Только для подписчиков
Lighting .d My.....tis Только для подписчиков
Lighting F....la ..n Только для подписчиков
Наборщик Ch.....an B...r Только для подписчиков
Наборщик M....ew T...as Только для подписчиков
Наборщик H....er C...a Только для подписчиков
Pipeline TD A..m T..g Только для подписчиков
VFX Editor J..k H....rd Только для подписчиков
Художник огня O...e B...ey Только для подписчиков
Анимация ..n Bi.....ki Только для подписчиков
Анимация A...ey R...ul Только для подписчиков
Анимация ..l W..g Только для подписчиков
Анимация E..a E...g Только для подписчиков

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VCCP prides itself on creating innovative and exciting advertising that transforms the fortunes of clients. 
For example, they helped O2 become market leaders within three years of launching. And once they started working with easyJet, their share price flew up from £4 to £14. 
VCCP has a motto: It only works if it all works. This means they can involve themselves in far more than just advertising. With a thorough understanding of each client's business, VCCP can challenge what's around it, and then transform it. 
With a desire to challenge the bad habits of the big global agencies, the agency is motivated by the belief that they can create a better type of agency - for the people who work there and the clients they serve. 
VCCP is the challenger network for challenger clients.

Последние новости

Cignpost Diagnostics Appoints VCCP Media

VCCP Media has been awarded by the UK’s leading COVID-19 private testing advisory firm, Cignpost Diagnostics, for media planning and buying. They are the first media agency to work with the Government accredited business.


The first piece of work on the account launched at the start of April, as an integrated nationwide campaign. Created by Bridge F61 and called ‘Team. Not Teams’, the campaignencourages workers to return to offices and get back with their colleagues following the lifting of the Government stay at home message. The mass advertising campaign was designed to encourage Brits to plan to stop working from home as well as providing company leaders with a clear plan to help get employees safely back to work and spark the economy back to life.


VCCP Media focused activity on large formats in national newspapers and digital OOH at key London transport hubs including Waterloo, Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street and targeted business leaders in Edinburgh and Cardiff. Launched on the first day back at work after Easter, it followed the latest insight from Retail Experts Springboard that found footfall has continued to increase week-on-week in the UK’s town and cities.


Nick Markham, Co-Founder of Cignpost Diagnostics, explained the rationale behind the campaign: “With the successful vaccine roll out, many businesses are increasingly keen to bring their staff back to the office. Some need to return just to survive and others understand the impact that lockdown has had on the mental health of their staff. Many companies are missing the creativity that only comes from teams working together in the office. That is why we have launched this campaign to help businesses return to the office safely. We also want to clear up the confusion about the different tests available and how best to create a COVID-19 safe environment in the office.”


Peter Bennett, joint CEO at VCCP Media, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with such an integral business to kick starting this countries’ economic recovery. The marketing and advertising industries, more than most, understand how creativity can come from teams working together in a shared space, so we are delighted to have played a part in supporting Cignpost Diagnostics with a campaign that we all hope goes some way to help us.”

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