Кампания Unlimited
Рекламодатель Sprint Nextel Corporation
Бренд Sprint
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Мобильный телефон и планшеты
Слоган Unlimited
История Team Sprint – comprised of Digitas and Leo Burnett – released its first spot in Sprint’s “Unlimited” campaign. “Durant” – the first spot in the series – is centered around data dilemmas. Specifically, with most mobile phone plans, when a person gets close of the end of the month or approaches their limit, they are faced with a tough choice: is a data download worth it? The spot, with NBA star forward Kevin Durant highlights tough questions people ask themselves if they don’t have an unlimited plan. In the spot, Durant’s signature move was pitted against a mobile game “Doodle Jump.” For those without an unlimited data plan, “Doodle Jump” prevailed over Durant’s game-winning shot. 
Тип медиа Телевидение
Рынок United States
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