ЗаголовокDriveguard (60s)
Кампания Driveguard
Рекламодатель Bridgestone Corporation
Бренд Bridgestone
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Шины, аксессуары, масло, бензин, горючее
История A car races down a mountain road for an appointment with destiny in the form of a rusty nail. “Somewhere out there,” says the narrator, “there’s a puncture with your name on it.” But an innovative tyre lets you drive on for 50 miles, even when the nail has done its worse. The tyre, the narrator adds, “has our name on it”. Bridgestone.
философия Shot across four days in Slovenia, the films see a mother embarking on a journey through mountainous terrain in treacherous conditions. With her children in the back facing a potentially fatal situation, tension mounts as the family continues driving through the desolate area until the car collides with one of the hazards.
Following a moment of deathly silence, the family continues driving towards the safety of home thanks to Bridgestone’s cutting-edge tyre technology. 
Тип медиа Телевидение и кино
Продакшн Студия
Послепроизводственный этап
Исполнительный креативный директор
Управляющий партнер
Руководитель ТВ
Production Services
Исполнительный продюсер
Prod Coordinator
Service Co Prod
Sound Design

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