Sompat Trisadikun
Bangkok, Thailand
Кампания New Normal, Live Healthier
Рекламодатель Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Бренд Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Информация и услуги правительства
История As the first wave of Covid-19 situation in Thailand is getting better, the government has announced to start unlocking the lock down, people become less caution and return to their normal lives and start doing things they want to do during the lock down. So once it unlocks, we began to see more people leaving the house. People are getting crowded in some areas. More than that, we began to notice less people wearing mask. And this may lead to the return of Covid-19, which we do not want it to happen. Therefore, an idea arose in the midst of a worrisome crisis. So Thai Health Promotion Foundation and The Leo Burnett group Thailand created “Live new normal life” a project that builds a new normal way of living for people in the country. A new concept that will help provoke and remind about new normal living behaviors consist of "Taking care of yourself" "Pay attention to others" "Develop oneself" and "Build discipline" We believe these behaviors that we communicated are actually what everyone has done before during the outbreak so it should not be difficult. Only if everyone continues to do so, it will create sustainable new normal lives.
Тип медиа Телевидение
Главный креативный директор
Исполнительный креативный директор
Директор рабочей группы клиента
Продюсер агентства
Продакшн Студия

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