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Ravid Kuperberg
кем Ravid Kuperberg on 26 February 2020
The Adforum Business Creative Report helps us acknowledge the most outstanding creative ideas of 2019. Ideas which demonstrate remarkable, exceptional creative thinking. So, let’s take a moment to discuss the thinking which lead to the ‘ass kicking’. Let’s examine and salute the logic behind the magic of the most awarded creative thinking in 2019. Читать больше

Laure Vandeghinste
кем Laure Vandeghinste on  6 February 2020
Last year more than 7000 different case study films were entered at the Cannes Lions Festival. You could argue that case films have become the most important element of any creative idea. Unfortunately, making a good case film is still an ordeal for many. The book “From Cold Case to Gold Case” brings relief. It’s the first complete guide for case study films, written by award winning creative Peter Ampe. Читать больше

Gianluca Gualtieri
кем Gianluca Gualtieri on 18 June 2014
As you know, this year's edition of the Cannes Lions Festival is now well underway. The event is recognised as one of the best thermometers of creativity levels in each country. Last year, the Italian... Читать больше

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