ЗаголовокThe Roundabout Check
Кампания The Roundabout Check
Рекламодатель BMW
Бренд Mini
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Легковые автомобили
История To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MINI Middle East and AGMC teamed up with Serviceplan Middle East to create a campaign featuring an eye-catching pink MINI In a clever visual pun on official advice to check for breast bumps, the car has the words ‘circle around. Look for unusual bumps’ written on the side and is available for test drives in Dubai for a 2 week period. The car is being driven around different roundabouts in Dubai and is creating quite a stir on the roads. MINI is using the opportunity of women coming for test drives at MINI AGMC showrooms in Dubai, to turn it into an awareness drive and start a conversation about breast cancer and how to check for early signs. The test drives have been documented on film, and through these films, MINI and Serviceplan Middle East want to encourage women to test/ check for any bumps and help spread awareness by test driving the car. Dubai-based Fashion stylist and breast cancer survivor Dina Aman is the MINI Pink ambassador and female MINI lovers are invited to test drive the car alongside Dina. For two weeks, people who opt for this special test drive also get a chance to interact with Dina during a test drive, when they can learn more about her experience of breast cancer, how she beat cancer and came out stronger. There is also literature about breast cancer available at the MINI showroom, and other surprising communication touchpoints planned for the month.
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