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29/F Cambridge House Taikoo Place Quarry Bay
Hong Kong
Телефон: (+852) 2525 2843

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Основной Опыт: Полный комплекс услуг, Мобильный, Социальные медиа, Маркетинг / Творческие услуги, Шоппер-маркетинг / торговая точка /маркетинговая акция, Корпоративные коммуникации, Брендинг / Разработка продукта, Упаковка/Дизайн, Стратегия и планирование, Финансовые, Розничная торговля, Красота, мода, предметы роскоши, Путешествие и туризм

Основан в: 1995


Сотрудники: 50

Премии: 11

Портфолио: 28

Клиенты: 16

M&C Saatchi

29/F Cambridge House Taikoo Place Quarry Bay
Hong Kong
Телефон: (+852) 2525 2843

Об Агенстве


M&C Saatchi has over a 145 companies in 35 countries across all marketing disciplines.

Our business strategy is to start companies rather than to acquire them. The partners in our companies are therefore not just managers, they are owners.

We give them the freedom to grow and evolve and they in turn are trusted to show responsibility and respect for others.

This strategy creates a culture wherein people want to work together - have chosen to be part of M&C Saatchi Worldwide rather than being forced to be through acquisition.

This start up model allows us to add capabilities at speed and stay ahead of the curve, not just with an individual but with a new company of specialist talent.

Our future strategy is to change absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything.

The nothing – our 4 key principles give us strong foundations for growth - Brutal Simplicity of Thought, Diversity of Thought, Independence and Start Ups.

Everything – we will accelerate the breadth of our offering and the variety of people who we start businesses with, globally.

M&C Saatchi. Home to the Creative Entrepreneur 


Mandarin, Английский, Кантонский
Философия & Преимущества над конкурентами

We are not seeking to be the biggest agency in the world, our aim is to be the most sought after.

We are commited to four principles:

  • Brutal Simplicity of Thought
  • Simplicity Sells
  • Nothing is Impossible
  • 100% Saatchi 
Описание сети

M&C Saatchi was the first global start-up in advertising history.

We are the world's fastest-growing international agency.

We are the world's largest independent agency network.

We have 26 offices around the world.

We are unlike all other networks in the world, because ours has been built through start ups rather than acquisitions.

This has bred a unique culture of entrepreneurialism, and an allergy to bureaucracy.

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