Never Bet Against Tom Brady: Jeff Gagne, Havas Media

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Jeff Gagne
SVP Group Director of Strategic Investments Havas Media

The current price for a 30-second slot is over $5.6 million. In your opinion, is the spend worth it? 

There is such a scarcity of scale in the TV marketplace right now with very few sure bets anymore. If advertisers thought it was worth that ticket price last year, it’s probably worth it more than ever now.   


How do you think the viewing experience will be impacted with large gatherings restricted?

We may see some casual observers drop off without the allure of a big party, but those folks probably weren’t paying much attention anyway. Smaller gatherings mean a more engaging and meaningful media experience at home. 


What do you expect to be some of the main themes in this year’s Super Bowl advertising?

I think you’ll see a lot of messages that are responding to our changed realities after the year we had. I expect to see ads focus on the home and brands to be pushing direct to consumer offerings.


Are you looking forward to seeing humorous adverts or more serious work?

I sure hope to see more humorous ads. I think viewers have seen plenty of “serious” lately; this is a great time to escape a bit and be entertained.  


What are the challenges producing a Super Bowl mega ad in Covid conditions?

I’m not a creative, but one of the major challenges has simply been trying to be very measured about your ad and Super Bowl campaign being a success. What will the right tone be by the time February comes around? Will football ratings finally bounce back in time or might this be worth far less? Do we have a plan B if the game gets cancelled or postponed? Those are all tough questions you need to be confident in well in advance of this week, and that’s before you worry about production hurdles.   


How is Super Bowl’s dynamic going to change since the major players, Budweiser, Coke, and Pepsi aren’t participating this year? 

I expect to see plenty of Bud Light in the game, which tends to be the funny ones anyway. I don’t think the average consumer is going to notice much as long as the new entrants do a good job with their creative.


What is your favorite Super Bowl ad of all time? 

Avocados From Mexico’s First Draft spot. Still a classic. 



Chiefs or Buccaneers?

Never bet against Tom Brady.