Философия & Преимущества над конкурентами

We operate:

  • Under one P&L, as a private company
  • With one shared way of working and leadership
  • With one single mission across our group

To make a meaningful difference to the brands, businesses and the lives of the people we work with.

This means:

  1. We make a meaningful difference to the brands we work with because we change their story and put purpose at the heart of the agenda
  2. We make a meaningful difference to business because we are results oriented, and our ideas change fortunes
  3. We make a meaningful difference to the people we work with because we rethink the relationship to build effective partnerships, and we bring positivity and energy to everything we do
  4. We are unlike other big agency groups

We see ourselves as smart, agile, and innovative, with top-quality talent at our core. Our simplified brand structure, with fully integrated specialists operating off a consistent technology stack, allows us to provide big agency resources with an entrepreneurial agency feel.

We are part of Vivendiand have an unparalleled access to entertainment and culture

Havas is the only agency that is part of an entertainment company, not a marketing organisation. Vivendi is the majority stakeholder of Havas, putting our agencies at the epicenter of entertainment, content, technology, and vertical distribution.

Unlike any other Global Agency, our partners are no longer exclusively advertising companies but music labels, gaming companies, live event organisers, TV networks, film studios and video distribution platforms. 

Описание сети

The Havas Group, founded in 1968, is one of the most integrated advertising and communications networks globally, with a talent pool of 20,000+ across 100 countries.

Headquartered in Paris, we operate through our three business units, Havas Media Group, Havas Creative Group and Havas Health & You to optimise synergies and further reinforce Havas’ position as the most integrated of all of the major holding companies.

We built the most integrated agency model - the Havas Village across our Global network

We bring all the services our clients need into one space. It allows us to bring forward talent that has unprecedented exposure to this variety of services: media planners mix with creatives; user experience designers learn from publicity experts; art directors lunch with analytics directors.

This model allows us to put our clients at the core of our agency structure and deliver a custom solution - while maintaining a consistent, client-focused approach -something other holding companies and their collection of agencies might claim but can’t prove. 


Xavier Rees

Xavier Rees

Chief Executive Officer, Havas London, Havas helia and Field Day
Tracey Barber

Tracey Barber

Global CMO Havas Creative Group and Arnold
Dominique Bergantino

Dominique Bergantino

Managing Director
David MacMillan

David MacMillan

Managing Director, Cirencester
Stuart Peddie

Stuart Peddie

Executive Creative Director
Ol Janus

Ol Janus

Group Head of Data
Lucy Halley

Lucy Halley

Head of Strategy

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